Wet and Wavy Wig
Wet and wavy hair is a hair type that is often associated with beachy waves.One of the primary reasons for the wet and wavy wig's soaring popularity is its natural.

wet and wavy wigs offer customers two very different styles; therefore, your hair could go from silky straight to a bouncy curl, and vice versa effortlessly. The charm of our wet and wavy human hair wigs is that it will naturally curl without the need for excessive products nor any form of chemical treatments.

Ashimary Hair Wet & Wavy Wig
Our wet and wavy wigs come in various wet and wavy wig styles: wet and wavy frontal wig, wet and wavy bob wig and wet and wavy wig with bang,different length and color,blonde wet and wavy wig,613 wet and wavy wig and others,from wet and wavy short wig to long wet and wavy wig .

Each wig, all 100% wet and wavy wig human hair, regardless of the style, has been delicately crafted to provide our customers with soft, silky hair that retains moisture in order to provide long-lasting dreamy waves. Made using the “T-part” cap construction, our Wet and wavy wigs are perfect for anyone looking to change their looks up without having to worry too much about cost.

Additionally, the required maintenance of our Wet and wavy wigs tends to be very low; hence, these wigs would be a great choice for anyone looking to spice things up with just an effortless and beautiful change in their hair.

Wet ‘n’ Wavy wigs for black women feature human hair chosen for its curlability. Spray generously with water for soft waves and curls; blow dry for a sleek, straight look. Shop Ashimary glueless Wet ‘n’ Wavy African American wigs for a versatile style.