How to make wigs more natural || Bladcap Method

Bladcap Method

  Lace wig is the most beautiful tool loved by girls. After beautiful girls wear lace wigs on Instagram, they look like your own natural hair. This is not to say that only wig vendor have done an excellent job. Install a wig can be easily divided into 3 steps.

Step1: bald cap
Step 2: Melt the lace
Step 3: Smooth hair

  Today we will learn how to make the wig look more natural. The first step is how to melt the bald cap.

hd lace wigs

HD lace wigs

The items you will need

 Wig Cap、Got2b spray、Scissors、Tail comb、Hair dryer、Lace tint and brush

Step 1 Put on a wig cap

  Ashimary Hair has prepared 2 wig caps for everyone, and you can get them for free when you purchase a wig.Put the wig cap on your head and pull it down until it covers your ears and eyes.Use scissors to cut the wig cap so that your ears and eyes are exposed

Step 2 Fixed wig cap

   Use Goat glue or got2b spray to spray on the hairline.Use your fingers to stick them together.Wait 3 minutes

Step 3 Cut off the excess wig cap

   Use scissors to carefully cut off the excess wig cap along the edge of the hairline. Don't worry too much that the edges are not beautiful and neat, we will make it melt with our skin in the next step.

Step 4 Melt the edges with our skin

  Spray got2b on the unsightly and neat edges, and press the edges with Tail comb. This is done to melt the edge, and then take out the hair dryer to dry it.

Step 5 Close to our skin tone

  It's not over here, you also need to prepare a lace tint close to your skin and a large brush in advance.We only need to coat the lace part with lace tint, so you need to confirm whether your wig is frontal or closure.

  Just apply it evenly on the wig cap.This way you get a perfect bald cap

  Have you learned this bald cap method.Always follow Ashimary Hair, get more wig skills

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