HD Lace 🆚 Medium brown Lace 🆚 Transparent Lace

     If you are looking for a wig of your own, then don't hesitate, this article is for you. There are many popular types of wigs in the market including: Frontal Lace wig / Closure Lace wig / full lace wig and so on. In this article we will teach you how to distinguish between hd lace and transparent lace and traditional medium brown lace. Can you see the subtle difference between them in the picture below?

HD lace vs Medium brown lace vs Transparent lace

lace wig

1. Medium Brown Lace Wig

    The medium brown lace wig is the traditional lace that was once the go-to choice for black girls. The medium brown lace sinks into dark brown before installation, which can be very close to the skin tone of black women, and it is also one of the most affordable human hair lace wigs.It should be noted that when purchasing medium brown lace, please separate your hair first and check the color of your scalp. Because he designed it based on the scalp color and not the forehead.Medium brown lace wigs are suitable for shopping for girls on a small budget as its prices are the most affordable.

Water Wave Lace Front Wig 13*4 Lace Frontal Human Hair Wig

Water Wave middle-brown Lace Front Wig 

2. Transparent lace wig

     Transparent lace wigs are usually made from French and Swiss lace, which are usually more malleable and soft, with a seamless and invisible lace color. Its breathability is unquestionable, and wearing a transparent lace wig for a long time will not itch like traditional lace.Since Transparent lace is very thin, it looks natural on white or light beige skin tones.If you have a darker skin tone, it is recommended that you use a foundation to match your skin tone, it will not look visible after melting the lace. 

Ashimary 13*4 Transparent Lace Front Wig Straight

Straight Transparent Lace Front Wig 

3. HD lace wig

     HD Lace is the latest technology high quality lace on the market today. It consists of the softest, thinnest and lightest materials. HD Lace blends perfectly with any skin tone, making the edges invisible.HD Lace is very for beginners who are wearing wigs for the first time, its soft and natural effect and easy installation and melting will give them confidence, and it will not hurt and irritate the scalp like other inferior materials. It will only give you the most comfortable wearing experience.

13*4 Transparent HD lace Front Wigs Deep Wave Human Hair 150% 180% 250% Density Ashimary

Deep Wave HD lace Front Wigs


 How do I choose?

     After defining transparent and invisible hd lace and medium brown lace, you will ask me how to choose? We will compare the following aspects for you.The following are sorted from high to low

Price  HD Lace > Transparent Lace > Medium Brown Lace
Invisibility effect   HD Lace > Transparent Lace > Medium Brown Lace
Comfort  HD Lace = Transparent Lace > Medium Brown Lace
Beginner  HD Lace > Medium Brown Lace > Transparent Lace 
Dark brown skin HD Lace > Medium Brown Lace = Transparent Lace 
Brighten skin  Transparent Lace > HD Lace > Medium Brown Lace 



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