How to Choose a Quality Wigs Online

With the development of internet, there are more and more kinds of wigs to sell online, and people more like to shop online. You can find the wig you want in so many wigs, and don`t have to leave home, that is very convenient. Maybe you are not sure how to choose a right wig. So this is online wig buying guide provided for you to help you find the best wigs. Here it includes some factors that affect your option, hair type, cap construction, hair styles, wig brand and cap size.

Human Hair Wig VS Synthetic Wig

There are many kinds of wigs in the wig market. From the perspective of hair type, they can be divided into two categories: human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

Human hair wigs are soft and movable which can lay down from the top of head and shows realistic looking. They possess natural shine as real hair does. Besides, human hair can be styled for many times under the condition of being cared for well. They can meet customers’ demand for versatility. What is the most important advantage is human hair wig can last for a longer time. So it can save money for not changing the wig frequently. Synthetic wigs are also smooth and show realistic looking and they cost you less money.

As for cons, human hair wigs are more expensive and need high maintenance. For synthetic wigs, they are a little bit too shinny and they are sensitive to heat. Normally their styles cannot be changed and the wigs last for a shorter time.

Cap Construction

There are various types of human hair wigs because of different cap constructions among which we choose two kinds: lace front wig and full lace wig. Lace front wigs consist of the lace on the forehead and thicker material. They often show illusion of real looking. You can enjoy the different hair styles according to the length of parting line. It costs less money. Full lace wigs are all hand tied wigs that the lace covers the whole head while Full lace wigs allow you to try more hairstyles and the hair can move freely. Full lace wigs are often more expensive. Front lace wigs are popular because they give an impression that your hair grows naturally.


Hair Texture

In the whole, there are three types of texture, straight wig, wavy wig and curly wig. They can be divided into small categories such as kinky straight, deep body wave and so on. Straight hair wigs are suitable for common people and you can flat iron or curl them. Wavy wigs look full but you have to spend much time styling the hair. Curly wigs are voluminous for the curls but you must care about the tangling problem.

different wig textures

Hair Length

You can go to wig shops near you to have a look at the wigs and have more knowledge and then look through the online wigs. Length-Usually there are four kinds of length, short, medium, long and extra long wigs. 10 inch wig can reach you neck for common people. 14 inch wig reaches your shoulder.Usually 10-14 inch length is regarded as short hair, 16-20 inch medium hair and 22-26 inch long hair, 28-40 inch extra long hair. For wigs with curls, they are shorter than straight wigs in the same length. For better beauty, you may have the hair length according to your face shape and body length.

Hair Color

Here is the color chart. You need choose the color that matches your hair and your skin because integrity is the best. For dark skin tone, you can choose natural color, ombre, red and so on. For natural color, it is suitable for any people and any situations. Of course, you can try some excellent colors that can show your personality such as types of blonde. In the process of choosing the color, your hair length and texture should be taken into consideration. I have chosen several wigs of different colors.

Find out the Best Wig Brand

There are lots of wig companies such as Ashimary, Ossilee, Kisslove and so on. We are trying to buy wigs with high quality. You should find out some wig companies first and realize products and their characteristics. Then You can search the information on Google to check whether they are reliable. Customer reviews can provide details. Maybe celebrity tutorials are helpful. After you make your option of brand, you can look for details of wigs on the wig website and find out the wig that you want to order according to the length, texture and color.

Cap Size

Cap size is of great importance. There are three basic sizes, small, medium and large. You must get the correct cap size in order to avoid later exchange. You can measure your head according to the measurement method. For each brand, they have size difference. So it is necessary to pay attention to size data of each company. This is the general measurement method.

If your wig size is a little bigger or smaller, you can adjust the elastic band which is usually installed at the back of the wig by wig companies.

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