How To Do Half Up Half Down Ponytail Hairstyles

    Half up and half down is the most chic hairstyle for black girls to create a trendy look. A halfup halfdown hair style is when the hair is pulled up to the top of the head and away from the face into a ponytail, while the bottom part of the hair falls loosely over the shoulders. It's a way to flatter yourself and a great way to draw attention to your beautiful face. This hairstyle is suitable for occasions such as shopping, wedding or working. But often times, girls need to go to a professional hair salon for styling, which is notoriously expensive and time-consuming.

half up half down hairstyles

     But here, Ashimary Hair will show you two ways to do half up half down hairstyles by yourself at home. Gonna show you step-by-step how to use hair extensions to complete your hairlook quickly and easily.

how to do a half up half down ponytail

     The first way is to use a mini ponytail and a clip-in extension weft to finish the half up half down hairstyle. This method is convenient and fast, no lace no glue. you even only need to get up 10 minutes early to complete a beautiful and fashionable ideal hairstyle suitable for daily wear.

  1. Create an ear-to-ear forehead part. Comb the front half of your hair into a tight high bun, tie and keep the top section away from your face and close to the middle slit.
  2. With the rest of the hair still hanging down, apply the weft with lots of clips to the nape of the middle part. From ear to ear to ensure that each clip is well fixed on our natural hair. (Take care to hide the edge lines to make it a more natural look) Bottom done! Feel free to move and adjust slightly as needed to ensure all wefts are covered
  3. Now it's time for a ponytail! Get out the Long Ponytail Hair Extensions With Clip and secure the clip at the base of your bun so it covers your natural hair. Wrap the Velcro tightly and secure the hair tie with the included bobby pins. The velcro wrap wraps around the roots for a realistic long natural ponytail.

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           The next method is to apply a 13x6 lace front wig to complete the half up half down hairstyle. This method requires you to prepare additional tools for installing the wig, including lace glue, mouse tail comb, elastic band and babyhair brush, etc.

    1. Install Ashimary new 13x6 full lace front wig in the usual way. Take care to tint the lace part to melt your skin color. You can design babyhairs on the forehead according to your preferences to enrich your look.
    2. Here we need to comb the hair, comb through the curls with a comb or fingers, remove tangles.
    3. Then, work the front half of the hair starting above the ears, pulling them towards the back of the head. Double-check to make sure the sides are even, then pull the top of your head into a ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.

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            The above is the latest hair inspiration we provide for you. I believe you are already on the way to become an expert. You can even create half up haif down hair style for your family and bestie. If you get something don't forget to be generous and show it to us. Be sure to tag us @ashimaryhair on Instagram and show us your creative looks with the hashtag #Ashimaryhairqueen.

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