How to make wigs more natural || Melt Lace wig

  Lace wig is the most beautiful tool loved by girls. After beautiful girls wear lace wigs on Instagram, they look like your own natural hair. This is not to say that only wig vendor have done an excellent job. Install a wig can be easily divided into 3 steps.

Step1: bald cap
Step 2: Melt the lace
Step 3: Smooth hair

  In the previous blog, we have completed the first step: natural baldcap. Next, take out your Lace wig and try to melt it with your skin

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The items you will need

 Lace wig, goat glue, scissors, tail comb, hair dryer, lace tint, brush, elastic band, tweezers, bleach...

Step1  Bleach the knot

    If there is no bleached knot on the front of your lace. The first thing you need to bleach the knot yourself. Bleaching is difficult. For novices, it is recommended to ask your close hairstylist for help so as not to damage your hair. For more detailed bleaching toturial, you can view it on the youtube channel.

Step 2 Pre-plucked

   Most of the lace wigs on the hair market have been pulled out. You just need to hold the front a little bit with tweezers. The wig I got from   Ashimary Hair really made a lot of it for you. I'm pretty sure it was unplugged in advance, so you just need to install it directly

Step 3 Use Lace tint

  Use a fluffy brush to apply a powder or liquid foundation close to the skin tone on the entire front of the Lace wig, you don't have to put it on the back. Do not put it in waste products. You can put it on the front because you really want the front to blend in and match your skin, which is the most important.

Step 4 Melt Lace wig

   Use Ghost Bond Premium and popsicle stick to apply glue on the forehead, then mix the popsicle stick to make the Lace wig fit the skin well. Then you can put your Lace wig on your head and cut off the excess lace. Be careful not to cut your hair when cutting lace.

Step 5 Trim the lace wig

   In the last step, cut off the excess lace on the edges, and then reuse the glue and tail comb to melt the uneven edges on the skin. Remember to use a hair dryer to dry it. After setting aside baby hair, tie the elastic band around the edge and wait for 5-10 minutes. Then you can make your hairstyle for your perfect installation!

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