How to make wigs more natural || Smooth hair

  Lace wig is the most beautiful tool loved by girls. After beautiful girls wear lace wigs on Instagram, they look like your own natural hair. This is not to say that only wig vendor have done an excellent job. Install a wig can be easily divided into 3 steps.

Step1: bald cap
Step 2: Melt the lace
Step 3: Smooth hair

loose deep wave wig

The items you will need

  Lace wig 、Shampoo and Conditioner、Comb、Hair iron or Hot comb、Scissors、、

Step 1 Wash the wig correctly

   Unlike our natural hair, human hair Lace wig also need to be washed. Washing the wig is very important to achieve tangle-free hair. Wash wigs once a week with products designed specifically for washing wigs.

   Washing and conditioning techniques will revitalize the wig's hair. Not only can it cleanse the hair, it can also unravel the frizz. Wash the wig properly with shampoo and conditioner.

   Make sure that the product you choose for washing has a low pH and does not contain sulfates. After standing for 5-7 minutes, wash carefully with cold water. Dry the wig with a towel to remove excess water, and then place it on a wig holder or mannequin head to dry naturally.

   For extra protection of your lace wig hairstyle, you can cover your wig with a satin cap while you sleep.

Step 2 Choose the right comb

   You can use a suitable comb to repair curly hair or straight hair. You can wear a wig on the model's head or knees to remove frizz. For water wave hair, jerry curly hair and deep wave hair, you need to choose a suitable brush or comb. You can also use your fingers to remove frizzy ends on the wig. Always remember to use the brush gently to prevent it from getting tangled in the wig. If you use too much force or use too fast, it can damage the wig and cause more serious problems.

Step 3 Heat the hair roots

   Human hair Lace wig can be heated and shaped so that your wig is more natural to the scalp. You can use heating devices such as curling irons or irons to remove frizz from your Lace wig. Use the lowest temperature flat iron to straighten your hair. Use an iron to make a small part with the help of a comb, and then straighten each part. This will help you prevent the layers from sticking out in all directions. Place the fake on the wig holder or mannequin head to avoid scalding your head or knees.

   This method will help you remove frizz on your wigs and add shine to them.

Step 4 Trim your hair

   Cutting your favorite Lace wig with scissors is very risky, but this is the last way to keep it frizz-free. If you use a lot of hairdressing products and styling tools, it is impossible to protect your hair from damage.

   If you are not satisfied with the methods mentioned above and are still worried about curling your wig, please ask your hairstylist to trim it.

   Use scissors to trim the hairy ends or use a blade to shave off the frizz that has accumulated around the nape of the neck. If you have a long wig, you can cut it an inch shorter to remove frizzy ends.

   Frizz is very different from tangles. All wigs will end up frizzy after repeated use. All you need is extra care and effort to avoid such frizz and damage-related issues for as long as possible.

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