How To Properly Remove Your Lace Front Wig

     Lace front wigs are all the rage, and by wearing a wig you can get a more natural fringe look in any style and length you want. Moreover, choosing 100% original human hair wigs also supports dyeing and customization.

    You may have watched countless video tutorials before this on how to properly attach a  lace front wig, but neglected how to properly disassemble your unit.And wearing wigs for extended periods of time makes our scalps itchy and uncomfortable and everyone needs to remove our unit from time to time.Using the wrong way to remove the lace front wig can damage your wig and even rip off the edges of our hair.That's why Ashimary Hair is here and tells you that you can easily remove your wig in just 5 steps

remove wig

 Lace front wigs

Step 1 Prepare tools and products

     This type of solution is best for anyone who uses wig glue or strong adhesive to hold the wig to the skin.

  • Rubbing alcohol / Glue/bond removal solution - alcohol easily breaks down adhesives
  • Vaseline - can be used to loosen glue residue from the edges of the wig Lace
  • Mild soapy water - cleans the skin
  • Wig Shampoo and Conditioner - Care and Maintenance of Old Wigs
  • Rat Tail Comb - Helps lift lace from skin
  • Toothbrush - for cleaning glue residue on wigs
conditioner, shampoo

Step 2   Apply solvent to the adhesive area

     Arrange your hair, brush the wig back and wet your hair with water so you can see all the lace. Apply alcohol, water, and conditioner, or a binder-removing solution, to the lace around the hairline. For got2b glue spray, use alcohol or a water/conditioner mix. For professional grade lace adhesives, use glue/bond removal solution.

Step 3 Remove the lace with a rat tail comb

     The most critical step in the wig removal process is stripping the lace from the wig. First, you need to check to see if the glue has come loose by gently pulling up on the front of the wig to see if the lace starts to lift. If it is, you can start peeling. If not, go back to the previous step and apply more product. If the lace starts to lift, grab the straight end of your rattail comb and stick it under the lace that starts to lift. Then gently slide the comb back and forth to peel the lace from the skin. When you do this, there shouldn't be any strong pulling.

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  • NOTE: Do not force the laces away from the skin at any time. This can cause lace to tear, pull hair, or even damage your skin. The process should be completely painless. Also, don't forget to gently peel off the lace at the back of the neck.

Step 4 Remove the wig cap and clean the skin

     Take off your wig cap It's as easy as taking off the cap, if you didn't use got2b spray or glue to secure the cap, you just need to take it off like you take off the hat. If you do, spray some alcohol on the wig cap and wait about 15-30 seconds. Then, gently rub with your fingers to peel off the wig cap.
     After removing the wig and wig cap, you may still have some adhesive left on skin. Just wipe your skin around the edges with soapy water and a damp towel. Or use petroleum jelly to remove glue residue from the edges

Clean lace.

Step 5: Wash Your Wig

     First we need to remove the glue residue from the lace front wig
     Soak your lace front wig in lukewarm water for 3 minutes and apply with alcohol or  binder-removing solution. After a minute or two, you can use a toothbrush to peel off any remaining glue.
     Wash yourlace front wig after cleaning the glue residue to make sure you can install it smoothly next time.
      Comb through the wig with a wig brush to make it smooth and no tangle.Let the wig soak in the wig shampoo mixture for about 5 minutes, then rinse off with cold water. Then put the wig in the conditioner-water mixture and swirl it around for a few minutes. Dab your wig with a towel after washing and let it air dry. 

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