Wig density | Things to know before buying a wig

     Wigs play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, such as attending birthday parties and going shopping. At this time, girls will choose a gorgeous wig to decorate themselves. But sisters, when buying any style of wig, you need to understand a very important feature — wig density. Maybe you think the density of wigs is not that important, but in fact-"It's important!" Purchasing a wig of the right density will ensure that you can embrace a perfectly natural haircut.

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First of all, we need to know what is wig density?

     Wig density is an important indicator to measure the fullness of the wig, it helps to determine whether the hair on the wig cap is sufficient or scarce. Wig density refers to the amount of hair added to the hat. The denser the wig, the plumper and thicker the hair will appear.

wig 180 % density 150%density 120%density 250%density

 There are three criteria we need to consider about the density of wigs before buying a wig:

Style selection: The density of the wig will determine your hairstyle to a large extent, and wigs of different densities present different styles. If you want to get a ponytail, half up half down, and so on. You need to consider the density of wigs suitable for these looks.
Haircare: When you buy 100% natural Brazilian human hair , it is expensive and requires maintenance. Low-density hair needs to be treated with lighter hair care products to maintain the fullness and feel of the hair. Knowing the density of your wig will ensure that you can take better care of your hair.
Price: High-density hair is more expensive than low-density hair. Knowing the different hair densities will ensure that you can find the right balance between budget and quality.
    By understanding the wig density next, we have to learn how to choose a wig density

According to the desired length and style.

     Although you should make a decision based on your preferences, So the following is our density recommendations based on wig length and style.
1.Hair length
Short wig (12 '' - 16 ''): Short wig we recommend choosing 120% -180% density. This is because your hair style cannot be too cumbersome. So what's how to do between these numbers is full, you will get your style.
Medium-long holiday (18 '- 22'): Medium-length vacation issued we recommend a density between 180% -200%. When you have a longer wig, you should choose a higher density to give yourself more hair quantity and full.
Long length holiday (24'-32 '): Long wig we recommend density at 250% or even more. This density will ensure that your hair is huge from your tip source.
2. Hair style
Straight hair: We recommend that 180% -250% density. Select high density to ensure that our straight hair is more full of gloss. Most of the time, the number of hair will be reduced from the root to the tip,So we should choose> 180% density for more beautiful straight hair.
straight hair
Curly hair: We recommend 120% -180% density. Whether it is deep Wave or Water Wave and Jerry Curly, using low density will make hair look so thick and better care is not easy to entangle.
deep wave hair
       Which density do you prefer? You can share your personal experience with Ashimary Hair when you choose a wig density. Thank you for your favorite and reading.

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