You Need 360 Lace Wig For Summer

     Sis, summer is coming ! Do you want to have naturally gorgeous bomb hair but are afraid of the heat?Usually we wear Front/Closure wigs that can't show the back, or are tied into a ponytail.Now you can do that with a 360 Lace Front Wig. This will give you natural beauty and a flawless hairline that really looks like your hair without having to cover up the edges.

         The 360 Lace Front Wig is a wig with looped lace on the head. The human hair in the lace part is knotted into the lace holes one by one by hand. The middle part of the 360 Lace Wig is made of a high-stretch braided wig cap, sewn together with the lace edge.The HD 360 Lace Front Wig will give you a more natural and realistic hairline. It is made with high quality Swiss lace and 100% human hair. The biggest advantage is that you can style it your way, u can wear space buns, halo braids, half-up, halfdown, and all the high ponytail you want, the fluffy babyhair gives a baby face look and a natural look Feel.

So how to Install a 360 Front wig ?

       When we install the 360 front, we need to prepare scissors, wig caps, styling tools and products (combs, hairspray, gel, etc.)

  • Step 1: Put on the wig cap

       Start with a wig cap that matches the correct skin tone. Then put on the wig cap, use glue or spray to adhere the wig cap around, and blow dry it all with a hair dryer. When the wig cap is dry, follow the shape of your hairline and carefully trim off the excess wig cap. Pay special attention around the ears!

  • Step 2: Cut the Lace

     Hold the 360 front against the hairline and cut the lace, being sure to follow the natural shape of the hairline. Instead of cutting the lace on the inside of the front placket, you can place small anchor pins to secure the front for easy cutting.

  • Step 3: Melt the Lace

      Use gel or glue to melt the lace melt to your skin. Melt all of the lace around your forehead, you can use a hair dryer to help dry in place

      The 360 Lace Front Wig sold by Ashimary Hair are made of imported high-quality lace with strong tear resistance. And from 100% pure human hair, all knots are oriented in the same direction, avoiding a lot of hair fall and tangles. So, buy one today!


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