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The hair looked good but not full

Bought this hair in 22 inch 250% 5x5 and it was so soft and looks so good although it not full like I expected.
It honestly feels like 180% density


I rated them a 1 star and they put it at 5 stars. Don’t waste your money. I received the hair yesterday and when it was handed to me I knew it wasn’t 250% density. I’m now plucking the hair and the lace has started to bald. THEIR LACE HAS ALWAYS BEEN CHEAP. IF YOU GET A HAIR AND YOU DONT LIKE IT. FILE A DISPUTE WITH YOUR BANK. THEY ARE ALSO THIEVES.

Not 250% density

I used to love their wigs but my last few orders I’ve either received the wrong items or the wigs have just been bad. It started when I ordered 4” 250% density, I received 30” 180% density, then my wig after that was supposed to be deep wave, after I washed it the hair on the lace fell out, now this. I ordered AGAIN “24”. & 250% density. This is extremely light. I’ve had real 250% density b4. This isn’t it. I’m filing a dispute with my bank.

great quality

my hair hat and I became friends. I bleached the knots and tried highlighting it. the hair turned orange but it is such a pretty ginger color! the highlights still look hood but the money peace is ginger. I know some people don’t like that but I don’t mind it. i’m going to rock the money peace and then one day buy another brown wig then bleach the one I have to be all ginger orange. it is seriously such a cute color. i’m so excited for my hair journey! if I had all the money in the world I would do it all now but alas…. the lord is still teaching me the age old lesson that patience is a virtue! the hair is seriously so pretty 🥰 such great hair. I love it so much. the hair loves it when you hug it and tell it how pretty it is. 🤫

the customer service is so nice. they made sure I was confident in my purchase. shipping might take longer because china is under lockdown for covid. you should be happy that they are still shipping with all their rules!!! they shipped fedex to me and I was so excited to receive it. a great experience so far. I hope the wig holds up and I can use it for at least a year! fingers crossed 🤞😇

it also came with the cutest Tiffany blue box with a bunch of goodies! A loved my experience so far. I’ve washed my hair for five times and it’s still doing well. I haven’t taken the lace all the way off yet because I’m not sure if I’m done customizing it yet! anyway…. it is a great buy. i’m very happy so far.

The wig is really really nice. The plucking, the lace, both top tier. The hair is true to length and density. And shipping was quite fast. This will definitely be my go-to store for a straight black wig.

I'm in LOVE with wig, it is very natural looking and VERY easy to put on. The wig is true to length and is very fitting. I would wear this wig whenever I'm looking for a natural look that blends well with my natural hair texture. Would recommend to anyone!!!

This is my first V part wig and I absolutely love it! I's so easy to install and it is extremely soft. After blow dry and flat iron it looked like our own hair texture. This is worth my every penny. You will NOT be disappointed!! This wig is perfect, bends so good with my real hair. I'll definitely order again

I really love this hair. It is super soft and thick, true to length,It's a very easy install. they made sure everything was correct and in great condition. I highly recommend this wig.

Just super

This hair is very soft and beautiful. The hair is absolutely amazing! Good value for money. It matches my hair perfectly. Will definitely buy again. Very nice quality, it is true to length,silky soft and smooth. they were so soft and were 100% human hair. 10/10 would recommend! In love with this hair!I wash no more than 2x per week. I highly recommend this product and will purchase again. This wig is so beautiful, soft and easy to manage.

Very soft and good quality hair. true to length...I order here often and wanted to try something new without getting a sew in or using glue. I love it. it's great hair no problems!

I really enjoyed this v part, it allowed me to have minimum leave out. No smell, length is accurate. The wig structure felt very secure. Curls really nice as well. I would definitely but again. Love!Love! This wig...its so soft and no shedding. Great quality


I bought a 26” wig ! The wig was horrible! I was only to wear it for 2days ! The whole wig i balding ! I couldn’t even get my moneys worth . They wig came close to $300 . It was very much a waste of my money ! & they trying to blame it shedding from the dye I used . I have used this dye over& over with other wigs and never had this problem before ! I even used it on my real hair ! I’m am VERYYY much disappointed! & all they will offer me is $15

The hair packaging is great and received without any flaws. The hair itself is very soft and has no odor and I can also install it easily. The lace matched my skin tone, I just used a little fusion agent and it melted completely. It doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable on the top of your head after wearing it for a long time.

The quality is very good, it is silky soft, and the washed hair is also beautiful, and the curvature is still very elastic. I suggest you buy absolutely makes me like its scalp...and I haven't seen or got any fall off from it

I love my wig, this one is really soft. The hair smells very good, there is no odor, the arc of the waves is still very good, and it is still very elastic, and the wig is also full, which is really good. And I haven't noticed any shedding after wearing it for a few days, will definitely order again!

Birthday hair

Best wig I ever had! This is my favorite wig! I got 28inches. It’s full long and soft! Got so many compliments

Very natural

I loved the hair! It doesn’t hold much of a curl but I like the luster

Bomb 🔥🔥🔥

Hair was very long and pretty. No shedding , curls stayed curly after drying out . In loveeee , wore this wig like 5 times already !

Just beautiful 😻

Love this hair ! Does not tangle , soft, beautiful curls and the parting space is big .

This is a really good wig

I absolutely love this hair it is sooooo soft . It shipped extremely fast and I when I received it the hair didn't have any weird smell. All I did was bleach the knots and it looks sooo natural . It has so much volume , I am truly in love with this wig

the hair is so beautiful!! I wore it today as curtain extensions blended with my real hair and it looked so natural my hair was as beautiful as celebrities hair. oh also the customer service was amazing, thank you so much!!

1st Order

Absolutely love the hair! I be so skeptical about ordering wigs offline. But I took a chance and I love it.